A SPASE Resource ID has the general form:

where "spase://" is always present. The "NamingAuthority" is the name assigned to the curator of the resource. A list of current naming authorities can be found at http://www.spase-group.org/services/naming-authority.html. The "ResourceType" is the name for the type of resource. A list of current resource types can be found at: http://www.spase-group.org/data/ResourceTypes.html. The "Path" portion is any string which will make the identifier unique. Each resource class (conceptual, digital and physical) has a slightly different convention on the formation of the "path" portion of identifier.

You can use this tool to ceate a resource ID. Make some selections in the form below and a conforming resource ID will appear in the box.

ResourceID: spase://authority/resourcetype/path

Select from the following:

Naming Authority:
Resource Type: