Reference implementations and tools for working with SPASE metadata and the SPASE framework.

Determines compliance with SPASE data model.

XML Validate
Test a web accessable SPASE description against a selected version of the data dictionary.
Web-based Editors

Web Editor
The web SPASE XML editor can be used to create or alter SPASE XML descriptions.
Resource ID Maker
Create a SPASE Resource ID with a few form entries.

Resource ID Maker
A simple web page to create a SPASE Resource ID with a few form entries.
Resource Tools
Collections of tools and applications for working with resource descriptions

SPASE Resource Tools
A set of command-line applications to generate, validate, referentially check, use and organize resource descriptions written in SPASE XML.
Services to delivery SPASE metadata.

SPASE Registry Server (Try it!)
The SPASE Registry Server is a java application which can harvest resource descriptions expressed in SPASE XML and provide a search service for this descriptions. It can also chain to other registry servers and aggregate all results, returning all matches in a self-organized network of registry servers. It can be run as either a servlet or bean. It uses the SPASE XML Parser packge to harvest resource descriptions.
SPASE Explorer (Try it!)
A graphical tree based interface to the registries. The application calls the "resolver" service to populate and navigate through the tree.