SPASE Services

SMWG Registry

The SPASE Metadata Working Group (SMWG) administraters the metadata registry containing descriptions common entities. This includes descriptions of observatories, instruments, persons, registries and services. These descriptions are typically referenced by descriptions of digital resources such as numerical data, display data and catalogs.

SMWG Registry

Naming Authorities

SPASE maintains a list of naming authorities who use the "spase" scheme in resource IDs. A SPASE Resource ID is a URI and has the general form of

To ensure global uniqueness of SPASE Resource IDs a naming authority must resource a unique name with the SPASE group. To become a naming authority and register your naming authority name with SPASE contact Todd King (

Current list of naming authorities:

ASWSAustralian Space Weather Services (ASWS).
Assigns resource IDs for data registered in the Australian Space Weather Services (ASWS).
CCMCCommunity Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC).
Assigns resource IDs for data available from Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC).
CSSDPCanadian Space Science Data Portal (CSSDP).
Assigns resource IDs for data registered in the Canadian Space Science Data Portal (CSSDP).
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Assigns resource IDs for data registered in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data systems.
SMWGSPASE Metadata Working Group (SMWG).
The community location for entities such as persons, observatories, instruments, repositories, registries and services.
VEPOVirtual Energetic Particle Observatory (VEPO).
ViRBOVirtual Radiation Belt Observatory (ViRBO).
VITMOVirtual Ionosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere Observatory (VITMO).
VMOVirtual Magnetosphere Observatory (VMO).
VSPOVirtual Space Physics Observatory (VSPO).
VSOVirtual Solar Observatory (VSO).
VWOVirtual Wave Observatory (VWO).