The SPASE Tutorials are designed to provide both introductory and in-depth information for the generation and use of resource descriptions based on the SPASE Metadata Model. The tutorials also provide information on a set of services and protocols which can be used to share information and data, as well as construct Virtual Observatories which can integrate with similiar systems at a local and international level.

Getting Started

When you roll your cursor over active areas of a tutorial your tutor (the character in the upper right corner) will offer some hints or advice. Give it a try. Roll over the word "SPASE"SPASE is an acronym for Space Physics Archive Search and Extract." and your tutor will tell you what means.

You can jumpLet's start with the tutorials! right in and learn by doing or you can read a little first.

Here's a study plan:


The tutorials are divided the following topics:

What is SPASE
An introduction to the goals of SPASE, the SPASE Metadata Model and available services.
A valuable set of references for understanding and using creating SPASE resource descriptions and services.
A step-by-step introduction to creating SPASE resource descriptions.